Podiums and high JFS finishers at Bandung’s Tahura Trail

Sunday 17th January, Bandung. A good group turned out for the 4th annual Tahura Trail in the cool, damp mountain air. Congratulations to all of them for completing the tough event, with more than a few slides and ‘butt-plants’.

Well done especially to Cheryl Koesdjojo – with a superb 2nd place in the Women’s Open Half Marathon at 2 hours 43 minutes, 4th for Paul Browne in the Men’s category Half Marathon at 2 hours 23 minutes and 7th for Michael Bilan in the 10k trail at 1 hour 11 minutes. Those times tell you a lot about how tough, steep and slippery trail running can be compared to a road race event!

Strong ‘category’ performances in the Half Marathon included Bill Potter: 13th in category and 22nd overall, Charlie Capetti: 14th category and 23rd overall Brian Longbotham: 17th and 28th overall and Mani Jayaram 12th and 32 overall.