The Free Spirit Runners of Jakarta

The-Free-Spirit-Runners-of-JakartaYou know that feeling you have when you decide what you really need to do is shed those excess kilograms that have slowly added themselves to your girth. You are sitting there, perhaps in a traffic jam, perhaps a coffee shop or the office, and you get that eureka moment. I will exercise!

Of course after a few moments of joy, reality kicks in. This is, after all, Jakarta and everyone knows well – everyone who has an online presence it seems – there is absolutely nothing to do in Indonesia’s capital city. Yes, there is an active football scene with a local league but that often involves sweating gallons on the pitch only to put it back on, plus some more, in the nearest pub. Or there is the Hash House Harriers; the ubiquitous hash with its double entendres, public school sing-alongs and yes, even more beer.

It can seem that even if you can find some healthy activity, the expat lifestyle will nearly always throw alcohol into the mix and the best intentions become subsumed by another kilogram or two onto that bloated waistline. There is, at least, one alternative, an activity where the focus is actually on the activity itself and not the post activity imbibing session.

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