The BIS 5K Race Results

Sunday 9th February 2014

Congratulations to all participants – another good race, the second of the four race series. Thanks to BIS for organising the event and to Matt Wiggers for lightning results service.

JFS runners were very much up there on or near podium finishes – a great set of results for the club, with JFS placing 12 of the top 40 places all sub 22 minutes and we had a few ‘stars’ missing, out of town. Well done!
Hope I did not miss anyone – let me know

Nick Elliott


JFS Highlights – congratulations all round

Awesome JFS Ladies

1st Kari Elliott and 10th across the line in 19.05
2nd Francesca Sist and 17th across the line in 19.

Category podiums….plus

2nd Lana Slayman
4th Janet Walters

Men - JFS dominated top ten overall; times from 18.13 to 19.15 within the top twenty

4th Harry Sikkema in 18.13
5th Gary Baker
6th Mark Hogan
9th Joel Berends
13th Muara
14th Ben Elliott

Category podiums….plus
1st Mark Hogan
4th Joel Berends

1st Gary Baker
2nd Curt Featherstone