3,500 runners at the SCHM 2014
Results and Reflections from the BSD Course

Another tough event completed and a big thank you to Race Director Riena Tambunan for tireless efforts in coordinating with local Police and Sinarmasland, PASI and for organizing marshals and Matt Wiggers for timing and very fast results service including individual results profiles for all runners. Thanks to Adrian and Emily Guyler for assisting in course design and logistics which even included unexpected earth moving a few metres from the start – who said managing a race was easy?

Thanks also to our JFS volunteer crew to man the JFS tent – Christina Verchere, Katherina Weber-Lortsch, Diane Labregere, Miftah Wazni, Curt Featherstone and Andy Roby who kept spirits up and fielded enquiries about the club and the race.

Well done to all runners – and especially JFS members with some fine performances (photos below of a selection of our club stars). Please go to the results page for full details.

Thank you to Standard Chartered Bank for their support and especially for the willing and good-humoured SC liaison team – who carried the event. And thanks to all other sponsors, not least Sinarmasland for providing the venue and coordination.

There are some issues to solve and we are reviewing several aspects of the race, with a final debrief due. We should not lose sight of the fact that do this for fun and to give to good causes.

Health, fitness and happiness to everyone at this festive time of the year!

Looking forward to the 2015 Jakarta Race Series starting February 8th 2015!

Nick Elliott.


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JFS New Member Registration

We are getting plenty of interest in our Membership Network. Why not register today to be a member. Paid up members get password access to the membership network area. Fees can be paid at any of our weekly runs to Nick Elliott, Andy Roby or Agnes Safford. Rp 250,000 for individual & Rp 400,000 for family membership.

Stay healthy and sharp!

Nick Elliott
JFS President 

Weekly Runs




    We run Saturday morning in Ragunan Zoo at 6:30am. This run us on a 5km loop and suitable for runners of all abilities and ages


    There are two ways to reach our starting point for the 6.30 am Saturday Zoo Run:
    • Stop a Blue Bird taxi and ask the driver for "Kebun Binatang Ragunan"
    • Consult these maps and ask - everyone knows the Zoo!

    View larger map

    Start from Grand Lucky Supermarket intersection (Sudirman SCBD Lot 12 across from the Energy building) at 6:00am. This is a long distance run of approximate distance 16-25km. Runners should be able to maintain a pace of 5:30-6:00min/km for Sunday runs.
  • WEEKDAYS with the Senayan Striders!
    Come join this group!

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    Senopati to Gelora Bung Karno for circuits a group run from the junction of Jl. Senopati south of SCBD at 06:00 Tuesday and Thursday
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