Our Weekly Runs

SATURDAY RUN. We run Saturday morning in Ragunan Zoo at 6:30am. This run us on a 5km loop and suitable for runners of all abilities and ages. Map to Zoo Ragunan

SUNDAY RUN. Start from McDonalds’ Kemang at 6:00am. This is a long distance run of approximate distance 16-25km. Runners should be able to maintain a pace of 5:30-6:00min/km for Sunday runs. Map to McD Kemang

Scheduled run on 28 March. Read here for details.

The event has been oversubscribed with 1500 entries and 400 registrations who did not pay in time to the cut off day. The Standard Chartered Half-Marathon Indonesia 2012, is back and will be held on Sunday, November 4, 2012. Runners will be compete in the 21K (half-marathon) and 10 K categories (both for individual or a team of tour) at a new location in BSD City, Tangerang. Bring your family and friends to support them and enjoy giving back to our community one step at a time!


Full Sponsorship by Standard Chartered for Indonesian citizen 1st place over the line finisher in the 21K Men and Women category to Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2012

About Seeing is Believing (SiB)

Seeing is Believing (SiB) is a global programme to help tackle preventable and curable blindness. Since launching in 2001 (as part of Standard Chartered Bank's 150th anniversary celebrations), SiB has helped 25 million people and giving more than 2.78 million people their sight back. Why are we're doing this? There are 39 million people accross the world who are blind where 90 percent of avoidable blindness occurs in the developing world, including Indonesia. Every five seconds there is someone goes blind, and one child goes blind every minute and 60 percent of the children die within one year of going blind

In September 2011, Standard Chartered Group pledge to raise USD100 million by 2020 for sustainable eye-care programmes, aiming to reach 50 million people. In Indonesia, Standard Chartered allocates USD1 million to restore sights for students and teachers. To date, the Bank has contributed in providing vision screening to 22,000 students of Elementary School/Junior High Schools as well as 1,489 teachers in several major cities in Indonesia throughout 2010. Standard Chartered Bank has also funded more than 3,000 cataract surgeries for the poor conducted in various cities throughout the country. Through SiB programme, the Bank invites all staffs and public to participate in giving back to community and collaborate with synergy with local NGO's to tackle avoidable blindness in Indonesia